WR219: Jesse Matas

Episode 219 February 15, 2017 00:59:53
WR219: Jesse Matas
Witchpolice Radio
WR219: Jesse Matas

Feb 15 2017 | 00:59:53


Hosted By

Sam Thompson

Show Notes

Jesse Matas of critically-acclaimed local folk/roots touring machines The Crooked Brothers has a long history with Witchpolice. His first-ever band (circa 1995) featured current Witchpolice Radio host Sam on guitar and past co-host/longtime collaborator Rob Crooks on vocals. He has also released a number of recordings on the site itself and in connection with various pre-Witchpolice attempts at starting record labels. While the Crooked Bros. are on a brief hiatus from their hectic road life, Jesse sat down to talk about solo work, songwriting, his experiences as a working musician inside and outside of the band, and more. He also performed a number of live acoustic songs (including a cover tune and a Crooked Bros. classic), which you'll hear throughout the episode.

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