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Acclaimed Manitoba-centric music interview podcast. Hosted by Winnipeg journalist and massive record nerd Sam Thompson. Music talk radio, broadcasting from 2012 'til forever. DIY or die.

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  1. WR656: Eye and Ear Control

    Here's my conversation with Brad Skibinsky from Winnipeg’s heavy vinyl distro Eye and Ear Control Records!It's a great chat about serving a niche community of discerning metal fans, opening a small physical HQ in the Exchange, working with local artists like Propagandhi (he just restocked the ...


  2. WR655: Greg Hanec

    Space)doxa at the Graffiti Gallery has been Winnipeg’s source for outsider musical performances for years. I talked to its curator, Greg Hanec, about some of the upcoming events — acoustic, electronic and otherwise — coming up at the Higgins Ave. venue over the next few months.Sprinkled ...


  3. WR654: Crime Cellar

    Call it doomwave, Black Sabbath meets Tears for Fears, or whatever else: Crime Cellar has unleashed its debut EP on an unsuspecting Winnipeg public. Check out our conversation about the contrasts between their metal backgrounds and the new sound, the undying appeal of the ‘80s, starting out as a band through ...


  4. WR653: Jane & Kyle

    Want a deep dive into the world of fiddle music? Here's an interview with Manitoba/Ontario duo Jane Cory and Kyle Burghout, who record and perform as Jane & Kyle.We talk about fiddle competitions, staying true to traditional/cultural sounds, their new record, and much more! This episode brought ...


  5. WR652: Tired Cossack

    I sat down with post-punk singer-songwriter Tired Cossack to talk about the new “Hocus Pocus” record, creativity during the pandemic, drawing inspiration from Ukrainian culture and folklore, and much more! This episode brought to you by our pals at Devine Shirt Company and by Gruf and Yy's new 'Mental Health Day'  ...