WR500: Theresa Thordarson

Episode 500 July 06, 2020 00:39:48
WR500: Theresa Thordarson
Witchpolice Radio
WR500: Theresa Thordarson

Jul 06 2020 | 00:39:48


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Sam Thompson

Show Notes

We made it! Here's episode 500! It's a conversation with [Theresa Thordarson](http://theresathor.bandcamp.com/releases), best-known as one-half of the almighty [Bicycle Face](http://bicyclefaceband.bandcamp.com/album/bicycle-face), a/k/a Unicycle Face US. Theresa recently recorded and released a [solo album](http://theresathor.bandcamp.com/releases) and has been actively writing new material during the pandemic. We talked about the record, about living and working in the U.S. and collaborating remotely with her Bicycle Face bandmate, about Winnipeg’s ‘alternative heart’ music, and much more. If you're looking for celebratory, milestone-marking content, check out our social media for the ongoing '[WITCHPOLICE 500](http://www.facebook.com/watch/WitchpoliceRadio/635527643718267/)' series of live performances by artists from across Manitoba's varied music scene! This episode is brought to you by [Never Better Coffee](http://www.neverbettercoffee.ca/)! Don’t forget to check out some socially-distanced shows at the [Park Theatre](http://www.myparktheatre.com/), who have slowly reopened after a long COVID-19 closure. Huge thanks to everyone who supports the podcast on [Patreon](http://[text](http://)www.patreon.com/witchpolice). You can help out for as little as $1 a month if you like the show and want to throw some change in the guitar case!

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