WR220: The Big Mix-Up Allstars

Episode 220 February 22, 2017 01:24:31
WR220: The Big Mix-Up Allstars
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WR220: The Big Mix-Up Allstars

Feb 22 2017 | 01:24:31


Hosted By

Sam Thompson

Show Notes

On Jan. 29, we took our ongoing series of improvised Big Mix-Up live shows to the logical next step and presented an allstar edition, featuring some of our favourite performers (along with a couple of ringers) from the previous shows. This installment of the Mix-Up featured Jill Alexander, Greg Arcade, Tim Haverluck, Harley James Flett, Kumaran Reddy, Sam Little, Ashley Bieniarz, Jon Askholm, Grant Partridge, Paul Durrant, Darryl Reilly, Aaron Young,Rob Busch and Josh Ayers. As usual with these things, there was so much going on onstage that we didn't have a convenient way to record off the board, so we just set up our recorders in the room. Quality is a little spotty, but you absolutely get the feel for how chaotic and fun these things are. Huge thanks to the Park Theatre and especially sound guy Matt Mayor for putting up with this live craziness time and again. We really appreciate it.

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