WR218: Greg Rekus

Episode 218 February 08, 2017 01:02:47
WR218: Greg Rekus
Witchpolice Radio
WR218: Greg Rekus

Feb 08 2017 | 01:02:47


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Sam Thompson

Show Notes

Folk-punk troubadour Greg Rekus is one of those guys we've always wanted to have back on the show. His first appearance was at the beginning of 2014, but has a long history with us that pre-dates the podcast. Greg's old bands (Lacking Intelligence, later High Five Drive) played plenty of shows with our shitty bands as far back as the late '90s. Since 2011 or so, Greg has gone the solo acoustic route and he has engaged in non-stop touring. When we arrived at his house to do the interview, he had literally just come off the road minutes earlier after a 30-hour drive back to Winnipeg from Las Vegas! On this episode, Greg talks about his reputation as a road warrior, about his solid new record, Sibling Cities (which will be released at The Handsome Daughter this Friday if you're in Winnipeg) and about what the future holds for an old punk in a young man's game. If you notice an additional voice chiming in here and there, that's Paul, who was hanging out during the interview.

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