WR889: 'Mom's House' interviews pt.II (2017-18)

Episode 889 April 17, 2024 00:57:32
WR889: 'Mom's House' interviews pt.II (2017-18)
Witchpolice Radio
WR889: 'Mom's House' interviews pt.II (2017-18)

Apr 17 2024 | 00:57:32


Hosted By

Sam Thompson

Show Notes

If you heard episode #886, which came out earlier this month, you know what this is. 

It's the second collection of interviews I did for the now-defunct YouTube show 'Mom's House', which was a project by local DIY filmmaking collective Young Media

This episode features three interviews I conducted as a guest host (plus live performances) for the show, featuring Colour by Numbers -- a band that includes Jared Adams, who was just on the podcast last month for episode #880 and Alex Kozub (episode #542)-- Joe Curtis (who appeared on episode #313), and Jacob Letkeman (#633 as a member of A Topiary) and Chenoa McKelvey (#532 with Smith's Onion).

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