WR107: Ziggy Marley

Episode 107 December 30, 2014 00:40:13
WR107: Ziggy Marley
Witchpolice Radio
WR107: Ziggy Marley

Dec 30 2014 | 00:40:13


Hosted By

Sam Thompson

Show Notes

Here's your last episode of 2014! It's a bonus episode that doesn't fall into the usual Witchpolice Radio format because it wasn't originally recorded as a podcast. Back in the fall, WR host Sam had the opportunity to interview reggae icon Ziggy Marley for a piece in Metro Winnipeg. He recorded the conversation, of course, and it's presented here along with a number of Ziggy's songs interspersed throughout. The chat itself is fairly short (as Sam was only given a short window of time with Marley), but the songs flesh it out to a reasonable length.

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