WR793: Stiff Wiggle

Episode 793 May 17, 2023 00:45:10
WR793: Stiff Wiggle
Witchpolice Radio
WR793: Stiff Wiggle

May 17 2023 | 00:45:10


Hosted By

Sam Thompson

Show Notes

Comparing his artistic personality to that of a ‘queer mad scientist from the ‘80s’, synthesizer enthusiast Stiff Wiggle is set to perform live for the first time in a while.

Check out an enlightening conversation about identity, realizing one’s creative purpose, Prince, and so much more.

Need more Stiff Wiggle? Hear him on episode #578 (April 2021) and #98 (Oct. 2014) under his birth name, as well as #152 (Nov. 2015) as a member of Autumn Still... and don't forget to check out his upcoming live shows, including an upcoming gig June 4 at Park Alleys!

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