WR781: Balanced Records

Episode 781 April 05, 2023 00:44:26
WR781: Balanced Records
Witchpolice Radio
WR781: Balanced Records

Apr 05 2023 | 00:44:26


Hosted By

Sam Thompson

Show Notes

Balanced Records has been holding it down for the local electronic scene(s) for more than two decades.

Great conversation on this episode with Adam (Kasm) Hannibal about the label’s DIY history in a golden era for Winnipeg music, the community’s growth, musically unique live shows, and much more!

Song selections: Kasm - Stargate (Michael Red Remix), Paris to Kyiv - Call (J57 Remix), Silla and Rise - Atausiq (Tomahawk Bang Remix), House of David Gang - Reggae Warrior (Seed Organization Remix).

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