WR325: Podcasts vs. Radio panel at MBPodFest 2018

Episode 325 October 14, 2018 01:03:18
WR325: Podcasts vs. Radio panel at MBPodFest 2018
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WR325: Podcasts vs. Radio panel at MBPodFest 2018

Oct 14 2018 | 01:03:18


Hosted By

Sam Thompson

Show Notes

On Sept. 30, we held the first annual [Manitoba Podcast Festival](http://www.facebook.com/mbpodfest/) at the Park Theatre. This is the audio from one of the panels (which I moderated), entitled "Podcasts vs. Radio". The panelists included Jared McKetiak ([UMFM 101.5](http://umfm.com/)), Kent Davies ([CKUW 95.9](http://ckuw.ca/), [Manitoba Food History Project](http://www.manitobafoodhistory.ca/)), Adeline Bird ([Soul Unexpected Podcast](http://adelinebird.com/), [NCI FM](http://www.ncifm.com/)), and Stefan Richard ([Ever Sick Podcast](http://www.spreaker.com/show/ever-sick-podcast-with-stefan-richard), NCI FM). Stay tuned for more MBPodFest events throughout the year. Huge thanks to everyone who came out to the event and to all of our panelists and moderators.

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