WR267: Quoth the Sun

Episode 267 January 24, 2018 00:54:14
WR267: Quoth the Sun
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WR267: Quoth the Sun

Jan 24 2018 | 00:54:14


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Sam Thompson

Show Notes

This week's a heavy episode, as we sit down with all five members of groove-metal act [Quoth the Sun](http://quoththesun.bandcamp.com/releases). We dig into their take on the local metal scene, plus their origins (including the name), their upcoming album, and the slow-burn in between. This week's episode is brought to you by our friends at the Park Theatre, who are hosting the second and final [fundraiser for Manitoba Metalfest 2018](http://www.facebook.com/events/2015640112050912/) on Friday, Jan. 26. The show features acts like Serrated Scalpel, Flash Out, Exuvium, Inhumed and Scythra, and all proceeds go toward keeping the festival alive. Please note: we lost about 10-15 minutes of this interview during the recording process due to a problem with the recorder, so if anything is confusing, it's probably a reference to something said during the part that didn't get captured. (Sorry!)

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