WR213: Thieveswpg

Episode 213 January 04, 2017 01:15:38
WR213: Thieveswpg
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WR213: Thieveswpg

Jan 04 2017 | 01:15:38


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Sam Thompson

Show Notes

We didn't forget about this episode! Back in the summer, co-host Ryan moved over to the guest chair (along with collaborator Tina) to talk about his Thieveswpg art collective. Due to other episodes being more time-sensitive, this episode continually got bumped until now. If you're a recent listener, this one is a little different than what you've been used to over the latter part of 2016. Because it was recorded earlier in the year, it follows the old random song selection format rather than being an in-depth feature on a particular artist. We talk to Ryan and Tina about the inception and growth of Thieves, as well as the trials and tribulations of being DIY, independent visual artists in Winnipeg today. I haven't listened to this episode since it was originally recorded, so I guess it's a bit of a surprise for everyone!

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