WR212: The Village Idiots

Episode 212 December 28, 2016 00:56:47
WR212: The Village Idiots
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WR212: The Village Idiots

Dec 28 2016 | 00:56:47


Hosted By

Sam Thompson

Show Notes

We're not the only game in town. A group of Osborne Village residents going by the name The Village Idiots have also been exploring Winnipeg's vibrant music scene.. but instead of a podcast, they're focused on live-streaming. The Idiots' Wednesday night program, Live at the Roslyn, offers local artists the chance to perform in an intimate setting for an ever-growing audience tuning in via Facebook Live. We sat down with the Live at the Roslyn braintrust to talk about their project, about embracing social technology to promote local music, and more.

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