WR139: Hawksley Workman

Episode 139 August 04, 2015 00:29:13
WR139: Hawksley Workman
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WR139: Hawksley Workman

Aug 04 2015 | 00:29:13


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Sam Thompson

Show Notes

We’re doing something a little differently this week and bringing you a conversation Luke Jacob Thiessen had with iconic Canadian singer-songwriter Hawksley Workman about his new album and the upcoming Interstellar Rodeo festival at the Forks. Luke originally used this interview for a piece he wrote in the Uniter, but we’ve combined the audio with some of Hawksley Workman’s songs to make it more ‘in the style of’ our usual episodes. Luke is actually a past guest on our show himself, and you can check out his music at lukejacob.bandcamp.com and follow him on Twitter @ljthiessen.

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