WR138: The Reverend Rambler

Episode 138 July 28, 2015 01:24:15
WR138: The Reverend Rambler
Witchpolice Radio
WR138: The Reverend Rambler

Jul 28 2015 | 01:24:15


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Sam Thompson

Show Notes

Fresh off a big gig at the Winnipeg Folk Festival, blues/country/gospel/punk one-man-band Matt Colpitts, a/k/a The Reverend Rambler continues to ride a wave of local attention and recognition in 2015. He may not be sure where this crazy ride is going, but he definitely knows about his past, and he gets into the history behind the Rambler persona, which includes a band -- the Red River Ramblers -- who were featured on Witchpolice years ago

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