WR899: Mod Club Winnipeg

Episode 899 May 22, 2024 00:30:46
WR899: Mod Club Winnipeg
Witchpolice Radio
WR899: Mod Club Winnipeg

May 22 2024 | 00:30:46


Hosted By

Sam Thompson

Show Notes


It’s been a while — a dozen years or so — but once upon a time, Sean Allum (of Duotang) and Aaron Young (JFK & the Conspirators) were the hottest DJs in town, packing the club each week (with lineups down the block) as the hosts of Mod Club Winnipeg.

Did you miss ‘em? They’re bringing Mod Club back for a one-off party next month (June 14 at ANAF Club 60). We sat down for a chat about the original event’s unexpected success, the reasons behind their return, and much more!

Need more? Hear Sean with Duotang on episode #172 (March 2016) and Aaron with JFK on episode #113 (Feb. 2015) and episode #60 (Feb. 2014)

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