WR126: The Mixtape

Episode 126 May 13, 2015 01:26:57
WR126: The Mixtape
Witchpolice Radio
WR126: The Mixtape

May 13 2015 | 01:26:57


Hosted By

Sam Thompson

Show Notes

We had a regular interview episode lined up for this week, but technical difficulties meant the file couldn't be accessed right away, so we put something special together for you in its place. The Witchpolice Mixtape is a collection of all of the live performances on the show dating back to January 2014, in a handy podcast format. It's well over an hour of great, primarily local music! As mentioned in the intro, these were recorded in a number of different environment with different equipment, so recording quality isn't consistent, but performance quality is. Quinton Blair - "300,000 km" (from upcoming WR127) Idrissa "Alaska" Turay - "Wish You Were Here" (from WR120) Chivas & Kream/RhymeLabb/Matt Redd - Cipher (from WR119) Smoky Tiger - "The New Teemu Selanne" (from WR110) Autumn Still (from WR103) Matt Foster (from WR102) Futurekids - "Fuck This Party" (from WR096) Country Steve - "Who I Am" (from WR093) Mobina Galore - "Pieces of You" (from WR090) Greg Arcade - "One More Time" (from WR089) Luke Jacob - "I'm Burning" (from WR089) Ghost Twin - "Chemical Wedding" (from WR087) The Zags - "Grime Kitty" (from WR080) Greg Arcade - "New Horizon" (from WR072) Carey Buss - "Eating The First Bird of Spring" (from WR069) Kevin Roy - "Taller Than the Trees" (from WR069) Carly Dow - "Down This Road" (from WR066) Sheldon Birnie - "Vanity Vanities" (from WR066) Marshall Birch of the Unbelievable Bargains - "If I Had My Wish" (from WR059) Steve Basham of the Unbelievable Bargains - "Blue Whale Island" (from WR059) Vampires - "No MOre Kisses" (from WR058) Buggsy #1 - "Spirit Bomb" (acappella) (from WR057) Greg Rekus - "You Won't Hear it on the News" (from WR056)

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