WR334: Romi Mayes

Episode 334 November 14, 2018 00:57:06
WR334: Romi Mayes
Witchpolice Radio
WR334: Romi Mayes

Nov 14 2018 | 00:57:06


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Sam Thompson

Show Notes

On this episode, we're ridin' with the queen! Singer-songwriter and rock n' fuckin' roller [Romi Mayes](http://www.facebook.com/Romi-Mayes-Band-Official-Music-Page-110129255685862/) is an integral part of Winnipeg's independent music scene, and we finally have her on the podcast. The timing couldn't be better, too, as she has a LOT going on. If you're listening to this podcast on the day it's released, Romi will be appearing live on your device of choice tonight as part of the [Village Idiots' Live at the Roslyn series](http://www.facebook.com/WeAreTheVillageIdiots/). She's also resurrecting her late-90s country outfit Off the Wagon for [two reunion sets](http://www.facebook.com/events/2288008008079709/) at their old haunt this weekend, and she's working on her annual [Lonely Jew at Christmas](https://www.facebook.com/events/876631569392889/) party. ...and that's just scratching the surface. This episode brought to you by our friends at [the Park Theatre](http://myparktheatre.com/). Thanks to everyone who has supported the podcast thus far. Thanks to supporters like you, we can keep churning out interviews twice a week! If you like the show, please head down to [patreon.com/witchpolice](http://www.patreon.com/witchpolice) and for as little as $1 a month (less than 12 cents an episode), you can help keep the lights on!

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