WR050: Sam Koulack / Doug Feaver

Episode 050 November 14, 2013 01:26:30
WR050: Sam Koulack / Doug Feaver
Witchpolice Radio
WR050: Sam Koulack / Doug Feaver

Nov 14 2013 | 01:26:30


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Sam Thompson

Show Notes

A milestone! We've hit 50 episodes! To celebrate the occasion, we've put together an unintentionally slapdash episode that ended up being really, really solid.

Due to a last-minute scheduling conflict with our anticipated guest (who will be on a later show, so stay tuned), we turned to past guest Sam Koulack of the Wet Bananas, who also happens to be co-host Jon's roommate. Sam was, thankfully, available, so he took on the job without any advance preparation for the "pyramid" theme this week.

If that wasn't enough, we also tried out a major new initiative this week and had a guest on the show from all the way in Montreal: Doug Feaver of Corona Ferox and Dead Future. Doug called in to the show and talked about his recent touring, recording etc., and the ability to talk to non-Winnipeg guests (very clearly and in high quality, too) opens up a lot of doors for the next 50 episodes of this show.

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