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Acclaimed Manitoba-centric music interview podcast. Hosted by Winnipeg journalist and massive record nerd Sam Thompson. Music talk radio, broadcasting from 2012 'til forever. DIY or die.

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  1. WR651: Papa Mambo

    For decades, salsa king Rodrigo Muñoz has been one of the standard-bearers for Winnipeg’s Latin music scene.We had a great chat about his 30+ years leading Papa Mambo, playing Afro-Cuban jazz with a full band vs. a stripped-down trio, tackling social media, and much more! This episode brought to you ...


  2. WR650: Ultra Mega

    My old pal JD Ormond of Ultra Mega -- one of the first guests Witchpolice ever had -- is back on this episode talking about his new band's new 'Panis Angelicus' EP, long walks, the etherealness of Wolseley, and much more! This episode brought to you by our pals at  ...


  3. WR649: Prinport

    This episode features a conversation with post-hardcore (or whatever subgenre you feel like calling it) outfit Prinport!We talked about getting back to playing shows and the emotional catharsis of performing live, their songwriting style that can have a complete tonal switch mid-song, the origins of their weird-ass ...


  4. WR648: Old Gold Vintage Vinyl

    Tune in for a conversation with Brent Jackson from Old Gold Vintage Vinyl about obsessive record collecting, getting a business going during a global pandemic, the future of vinyl, bringing a record shop back to Osborne Village, and much more. This episode brought to you by our pals at  ...


  5. WR647: Len Bowen

    Whether you know him for his solo work or as 1/3 of prairie rap pioneers Shadez, Len Bowen is an integral piece of Winnipeg’s hip-hop community.Stay tuned for a conversation about his new BBS.Steve-produced project for 4th Quarter Records, creative freedom, music that needs ...