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Acclaimed Manitoba-centric music interview podcast. Hosted by Winnipeg journalist and massive record nerd Sam Thompson. Music talk radio, broadcasting from 2012 'til forever. DIY or die.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. In memoriam: Justice Chester of Daphne Bleue (2020 episode)

    Very sad to hear about the passing of Justice Chester from Daphne Bleue. He was on an episode of the podcast with his bandmate Brandon in early 2020, just before the pandemic. You can hear it here in its entirety. I didn't know him beyond this conversation and a small ...


  2. WR613: Del Barber

    It's a wide-ranging conversation with singer-songwriter Del Barber — his third appearance on the podcast in as many years.Del is getting set to release a new record of b-sides, so we talked about revisiting old songs, the prairies, humility in creativity… and went on some interesting tangents ...


  3. WR612: Ila Barker

    Folk-soul singer-songwriter Ila Barker sat down for an interview on the podcast!We talked about the new music she’s creating for an upcoming album — her first in a number of years — as well as her work mentoring Indigenous youth, and so much more. This episode brought to ...


  4. WR611: Zrada

    It's an interview with Andriy and Nicholas from Winnipeg’s premier Eastern European folk-punk-fusion outfit, Zrada!We talked about the band’s long history, roots in the city’s Ukrainian community, blending traditional themes with heavier western sounds, and more!We also discussed the impact on the pandemic and the ...


  5. WR610: Rusty Robot

    Rusty Matyas is one of those musicians you’ve heard many times, even if you don’t realize it. As a multi-instrumentalist who has played with the likes of the Weakerthans, The Sheepdogs, Imaginary Cities and countless others, as well as a prolific producer, he appears in the credits of SO many records. ...