WR237: FF1

Episode 237 June 29, 2017 01:23:41
WR237: FF1
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WR237: FF1

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Sam Thompson

Show Notes

First off, a disclaimer: this isn't a political show. We've been interviewing local musicians since 2012, and even when we stray from that topic, it's always tied in to the local scene, and this is no exception. This week, our guests are **Omar Kinnarath** and **Ryan Nash** of **[Fascist-Free Treaty 1](https://www.facebook.com/fascistfree1/) ** (or **FF1** ). They're veterans of the local punk/hardcore scene (Ryan is a regular guest on the show with his band **[Union Stockyards](https://unionstockyards.bandcamp.com/)** ) who are leading the fight against racism on the streets of Winnipeg. We talk about how coming up in the local punk scene helped solidify their political views and values, and how the inclusive attitude of Winnipeg's DIY punk rock continues to inform what they do. When I teased this episode a few weeks ago, I got a raft of negative comments on social media from white nationalists, Islamophobes, and assorted 'alt-right' types -- many of whom weren't even _Canadian_ , let alone from Winnipeg -- so this is just a heads-up that there's going to be zero tolerance for that shit going forward. If you don't like some of the ideas floated in this episode, take it up directly with FF1. This podcast, and its associated social media, is not a forum to spread hatred. It's an interview show. About music. Next week there's a completely apolitical discussion about jazz, for example. Any bullshit comments will be deleted and commenters will be banned and reported. With that out of the way... in fitting with our usual format, there are songs sprinkled throughout the episode. These are all from local bands (including **[Propagandhi](https://propagandhi.com/)** , **[I-Spy](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXgGqYpZzVg), [Rogue Nation](https://www.facebook.com/Rogue-Nation-143067199084050/)** and **[Whole Lotta Milka](http://www.unionlabelgroup.com/bands/64/whole-lotta-milka/)** ) and all deal with the topics being raised on the episode.

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