Re-release: Dead Ranch (2014)

Episode 236 June 22, 2017 01:32:17
Re-release: Dead Ranch (2014)
Witchpolice Radio
Re-release: Dead Ranch (2014)

Jun 22 2017 | 01:32:17


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Sam Thompson

Show Notes

On June 8, the Winnipeg music scene lost a friend. Chad Alsop, guitarist/vocalist of sludge/metal/hardcore/whatever-core act Dead Ranch passed a few days after sustaining serious injuries. (You can read more about Chad in this [beautifully-written post on Dead Ranch's Facebook page]( In addition to his contributions as 1/4 of one of Winnipeg's best bands, Chad was also a familiar face in Witchpoliceland. He appeared on the podcast with Dead Ranch twice (most recently back in April) and was a key member of our first-ever Big Mix-Up band at the Park Theatre in 2016. When Chad first appeared on the podcast in spring 2014, Witchpolice was still starting to get off the ground, so a lot of newer listeners likely haven't heard it. It was recorded in former co-host Jon's basement (a/k/a The Blanket Fort), and it followed the old 'song selection' format the show used to have. We'll be back next week (or maybe even sooner...I might double-up on episodes this week if I have time) with some fresh content from 2017, but for now, enjoy this one from the archives. RIP Chad. You'll be missed. (Support Chad's memorial fund: )

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