WR902: 'Gritty City' author Nigel Webber

Episode 902 June 01, 2024 00:43:13
WR902: 'Gritty City' author Nigel Webber
Witchpolice Radio
WR902: 'Gritty City' author Nigel Webber

Jun 01 2024 | 00:43:13


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Sam Thompson

Show Notes

When he was last on the show in 2020, author Nigel Webber's Gritty City project — an oral history of Winnipeg’s hip-hop scene — was still in the earliest stages.

Fast forward four years and hundreds of interviews later, and Gritty City is on the verge of completion!

Here's our conversation about the book, which drops this summer, the importance of documenting local history — no matter how niche, what comes next for the project after the book’s release, and more!

Plus, hear some songs from throughout Winnipeg rap history, selected by Nigel specifically for the episode! Artists incl. Frek Sho, Slangblossom, Mood Ruff, Bonafide, and more!

Need more Nigel? Check out episode #529 (October 2020)

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