WR120: Gruf the Druid and The Gumshoe Strut

Episode 120 March 31, 2015 01:33:27
WR120: Gruf the Druid and The Gumshoe Strut
Witchpolice Radio
WR120: Gruf the Druid and The Gumshoe Strut

Mar 31 2015 | 01:33:27


Hosted By

Sam Thompson

Show Notes

If you don’t think **[Gruf the Druid](http://www.witchpolice.com/2013/09/witchpolice-radio-episode-42-process.html)** is Winnipeg’s best rapper, you probably have him on your shortlist. Between Frek Sho, Fermented Reptile, Sound Barriers and his acclaimed solo records, Gruf is an iconic figure on the local rap scene. He has also released a new album, _[Surface Area](http://marathonofdope.com/portfolio/gruf-the-druid-surface-area/)_ , produced by his Winnipeg rap contemporary **[The Gumshoe Strut](http://marathonofdope.com/portfolio/the-gumshoe-strut/)** (Your Brother in my Backpack, Turn the Gun). They both join Sam on the podcast to talk about the new record and, appropriately, “pagan” songs. If you like what you hear, the release party for _Surface Area_ is coming up April 4 at the Good Will Social Club. Gruf and Gumshoe are (obviously) on the bill, alongside Witchpolice Radio co-host **Rob Crooks** , past guest John "Bazooka Joe" Smith and DJ Hunnicutt (who will hopefully be a guest at some point).

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