WR877: Brett Oddly

Episode 877 March 05, 2024 00:33:58
WR877: Brett Oddly
Witchpolice Radio
WR877: Brett Oddly

Mar 05 2024 | 00:33:58


Hosted By

Sam Thompson

Show Notes

Stepped out of my comfort zone on this episode for a conversation with 'Winnipeg’s most dangerous performer', Brett Oddly!

Brett is a sideshow/freak show performer, escape artist, magician, stuntman, etc. He’s part of the upcoming Punk Circus, also feat. local punx Yer Mum and Suburban Hypocrites (hear a few songs by each on this episode as well).

Settle in for our conversation about the event (this Saturday at the Bulldog Event Centre), his upcoming Guinness World Record attempt, and much more!

...and stay tuned over the next few days for your chance to win tickets to the event and more (courtesy of B. Oddly himself).

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