WR438: Cell

Episode 438 November 24, 2019 01:02:55
WR438: Cell
Witchpolice Radio
WR438: Cell

Nov 24 2019 | 01:02:55


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Sam Thompson

Show Notes

It's a deep-dive into the world of cosmic, reality-bending black metal trio [Cell](http://www.facebook.com/cellcosmicgods/) on this episode. The band's mastermind Hyperion talks about the mythology of the band’s punishing new record, [*Ancient Incantations of Xarbos*](http://cellandvoid.bandcamp.com/album/ancient-incantations-of-xarbos) and much more! If you like comic books, extreme metal, or really creative, detailed world-building, check this one out. This episode brought to you by our friends at [the Park Theatre](http://www.myparktheatre.com/)!

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