WR770: Rylie Saunders of The Village Idiots

Episode 770 February 24, 2023 00:29:02
WR770: Rylie Saunders of The Village Idiots
Witchpolice Radio
WR770: Rylie Saunders of The Village Idiots

Feb 24 2023 | 00:29:02


Hosted By

Sam Thompson

Show Notes

Local video gang The Village Idiots were always ahead of the curve when it comes to live-streaming Winnipeg music.

After a pandemic-related hiatus, Rylie Saunders, one of the Idiots-in-chief, is back with The Spare Room, a new series of live performances and conversations with local musicians!

On this episode, we chat about the new show and much more!
Need more Village Idiots? Check out episode #212 (Dec. 2016).
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