WR516: Big Foot Yeti

Episode 516 August 31, 2020 00:53:02
WR516: Big Foot Yeti
Witchpolice Radio
WR516: Big Foot Yeti

Aug 31 2020 | 00:53:02


Hosted By

Sam Thompson

Show Notes

Fuzzed-out, country-tinged grunge devotees [Big Foot Yeti](http://bigfootyeti.bandcamp.com/) are back with a new record, so here's a new interview with frontman Paul Pilgrim. BFY is back with their [creatively-titled second EP](http://bigfootyeti.bandcamp.com/releases) Sept. 1. It’s part of an ongoing thematic series of releases that was delayed (slightly) by the pandemic. It’s a fun conversation between two aging music nerds about record collections, songwriting, influences, and more! This episode brought to you by [Unscripted Moments](http://unscriptedmoments.libsyn.com/)! Join us at the third annual [Manitoba Podcast Festival](http://www.facebook.com/mbpodfest/), which takes place entirely online, Sept. 26-27! Huge thanks to everyone who supports the podcast on [Patreon](http://www.patreon.com/witchpolice), including our latest patron, Ryan McPherson. You can help out for as little as $1 a month if you like the show and want to throw some change in the guitar case!

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