WR442: Ryan McMahon

Episode 442 December 09, 2019 00:35:47
WR442: Ryan McMahon
Witchpolice Radio
WR442: Ryan McMahon

Dec 09 2019 | 00:35:47


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Sam Thompson

Show Notes

This episode is a fascinating conversation with podcaster, comedian and (although he doesn’t consider himself one) investigative journalist [Ryan McMahon](http://www.rmcomedy.com/). His podcast [Thunder Bay](http://www.canadalandshow.com/shows/thunder-bay/) (produced with Canadaland) is one of the best deep-dives into the dark underbelly of a city that I’ve ever heard, and there’s a sequel on the way, plus he has a pile of other projects on the go. I know my show is nominally about music, but regular listeners will know I LOVE nerding out about podcasting, so this is definitely in my wheelhouse. Be warned: we’re going to record a part two. We had to cut this interview a bit short, and there was a lot more to talk about. This episode is brought to you by our pals at [the Park Theatre](http://www.myparktheatre.com/), as well as the [Beer Boutique](http://www.facebook.com/beerboutiquewpg/), managed by Winnipeg punk mainstay [StevO Nelson](http://witchpolice.podiant.co/e/wr440-stevo-nelson-37f6eda874119e/).

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