WR425: The Gerry Hatricks

Episode 425 October 10, 2019 00:44:49
WR425: The Gerry Hatricks
Witchpolice Radio
WR425: The Gerry Hatricks

Oct 10 2019 | 00:44:49


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Sam Thompson

Show Notes

Progressive folk-rock-punk foursome [The Gerry Hatricks](http://thegerryhatricks.bandcamp.com/releases) are on the verge of releasing their excellent self-titled debut EP, so we sat down in a dog-filled living room to talk all about it. The group, which is an extension and expansion of frontman Gerrit Delaquis' solo sound, discusses the songs' complexity and technicality, the process of recording and writing the EP, and a lot more. They also perform four acoustic songs, and since – at the time this is being released – there isn't a ton of Gerry Hatricks material available until the record hits Bandcamp on Oct. 11, it's a cool way to get an advance listen. This episode is brought to you by our friends at [The Park Theatre](http://myparktheatre.com/).

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