WR391: Gym Tonic

Episode 391 June 13, 2019 00:37:26
WR391: Gym Tonic
Witchpolice Radio
WR391: Gym Tonic

Jun 13 2019 | 00:37:26


Hosted By

Sam Thompson

Show Notes

Synth-punks [Gym Tonic](http://gymtonic.bandcamp.com/) may be based in Berlin(!) but they have a very strong local connections - two former Winnipeggers and a [record out](http://gymtonic.bandcamp.com/album/good-job) on [Transistor 66](http://www.transistor66.com/)! They’re in town for a show tomorrow night at The Handsome Daughter with The Sorels and our pals in [Agapito](http://witchpolice.podiant.co/e/356455da00264eL/), so check 'em out before they head back overseas! This episode brought to you by our pals at [The Park Theatre](http://myparktheatre.com/), with a special shoutout to Winnipeg's finest record label, Transistor 66! Don’t forget to support our friends at [Dub Ditch Picnic](http://dubditchpicnic.bandcamp.com/), who are trying to clear out as much stock as possible to [cover some medical costs](http://www.facebook.com/crizwell/posts/10156105481525636[text](http://)).

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