WR259: E.GG and Rayny

Episode 259 November 30, 2017 00:42:37
WR259: E.GG and Rayny
Witchpolice Radio
WR259: E.GG and Rayny

Nov 30 2017 | 00:42:37


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Sam Thompson

Show Notes

3Peat rapper **[E.GG](https://eggnmx.bandcamp.com/)** is back again, seemingly out of nowhere, with the release of his masterful new record, _[Est. 1873](https://eggnmx.bandcamp.com/album/est-1873)_. We talk with E.GG and producer **Rayny** about the making of the record, its heavy Winnipeg focus, and the album's 'winter' vibe when contrasted with E.GG's Alverstone. Est. 1873 is seeing an [official release](https://www.facebook.com/events/514114632294918/) Dec. 8 at X-Cues Cafe and Lounge. This episode is brought to you by an upcoming event presented by FanQuest. Come out to Dinos and Drinks with Nyco Rudolph, Dec. 4 at PEG Beer Co.! Join Winnipeg artist and dinosaur enthusiast Nyco Rudolph for an evening of painting Thunder Lizards in a holiday- or fandom-themed setting. Tickets are $35 each, available at [http://www.fanquestcon.com](http://www.fanquestcon.com/ "Link: http://www.fanquestcon.com/"). Also stay tuned for an episode of [Young Media's "Mom's House"](http://weareyoungmedia.com/the-moms-house-sessions "Link: http://weareyoungmedia.com/moms-house-recordings") this weekend, guest-hosted by Witchpolice's own Sam Thompson!

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