WR258: Trulli Early Music Ensemble

Episode 258 November 22, 2017 00:47:49
WR258: Trulli Early Music Ensemble
Witchpolice Radio
WR258: Trulli Early Music Ensemble

Nov 22 2017 | 00:47:49


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Sam Thompson

Show Notes

We go back in time and _waaay _outside the usual Witchpolice wheelhouse this week with the **[Trulli Early Music Ensemble](https://www.facebook.com/pg/trullimusic/ "Link: https://www.facebook.com/pg/trullimusic/")** , a local trio that focuses on classical/baroque/renaissance music for recorder, violin and harpsichord. We talk about their interest in this type of music, the trials and tribulations of being an early music group in a town full of more... contemporary artists, and much more! Plus they perform four pieces exclusively for the podcast: J.J. Quantz - _Trio Sonata in G Minor, Vivace; _C.W. Gluck - _Trio Sonata in C, Largo; _Antonio Vivaldi - _La Follia, assorted movements; _G.P. Telemann - _Trio Sonata in D Minor, Allegro_ ****This episode is brought to you by an upcoming event presented by FanQuest. Come out to Dinos and Drinks with Nyco Rudolph, Dec. 4 at PEG Beer Co.! Join Winnipeg artist and dinosaur enthusiast Nyco Rudolph for an evening of painting Thunder Lizards in a holiday- or fandom-themed setting. Tickets are $35 each, available at [http://www.fanquestcon.com](http://www.fanquestcon.com/). ****

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