WR144: Iskwé

Episode 144 September 08, 2015 00:57:18
WR144: Iskwé
Witchpolice Radio
WR144: Iskwé

Sep 08 2015 | 00:57:18


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Sam Thompson

Show Notes

Toronto (via Winnipeg) vocalist Iswké has been the subject of a lot of buzz in the Canadian music biz lately -- as much for her uniquely soulful, jazz-inflected, trip-hop-inspired sound as her willingness to speak out on modern-day protest songs like "Nobody Knows," which addresses the issue of missing and murdered indigenous women. This was sort of a last-minute 'hey, you're in town and our schedules work!' sort of deal, so we skipped the usual Witchpolice theme word setup, but you'll hear Iskwé's own music throughout. There's a really good discussion on this episode about music with a message, the problems (and great things) about our hometown and much more.

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