WR143: Legion of Liquor

Episode 143 September 01, 2015 01:24:39
WR143: Legion of Liquor
Witchpolice Radio
WR143: Legion of Liquor

Sep 01 2015 | 01:24:39


Hosted By

Sam Thompson

Show Notes

Grand opening, grand closing. Winnipeg's formidable (and foremost) drunk metal choir act The Legion of Liquor is releasing its debut album the very day the band calls it quits. (That CD release/band death show, by the way, is being presented by our good pals at Team Steve Radio and takes place Sept. 4 at the Park Theatre!) Sam sat down with three members of the Legion's choir -- White Dawg, Garry and Thor -- to talk about life, the universe, and singing songs about booze. The fellas selected "detox" songs (honestly, it's what the random word generator spat out at us) and we remembered how shitty it is to sit outdoors at night during a Winnipeg summer.

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