WR141: Oddblock Comedy Festival

Episode 141 August 18, 2015 01:13:18
WR141: Oddblock Comedy Festival
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WR141: Oddblock Comedy Festival

Aug 18 2015 | 01:13:18


Hosted By

Sam Thompson

Show Notes

This week, Sam and Ryan are joined by comedians **[John B. Duff](http://oddblock.ca/speaker/john-b-duff/)** and **[Chantel Marostica](http://oddblock.ca/speaker/chantel-marostica/)** , along with **Erick Casselman** (owner of the Park Theatre), to talk about the upcoming **[Oddblock Comedy Festival](http://oddblock.ca/)** , Aug. 27-30 in Winnipeg's South Osborne neighbourhood. Recorded in the spacious lobby of the **[Park Theatre](http://oddblock.ca/the-park-theatre/)** (hence the mild echo), the gang discusses the local comedy scene, 'making it' as a comedian, "gut" songs and more! Along the way, Sam demonstrates his complete ignorance about the 'burggoinging' (or something) Winnipeg comedy scene in particular and stand-up in general. We all learn a thing or two.

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