WR129: Hypernashion

Episode 129 June 02, 2015 01:18:58
WR129: Hypernashion
Witchpolice Radio
WR129: Hypernashion

Jun 02 2015 | 01:18:58


Hosted By

Sam Thompson

Show Notes

We venture into uncharted territory on this episode in conversation with Artur Winogrodzki of Polish-Canadian dub/reggae/electronic act Hypernashion. Despite the wide range of genres we've featured on this podcast, electronic music has always been kind of a blind spot, and despite host Sam's obsession with reggae, he hasn't previously been introduced to any from Poland. We go deep on reggae's connection to punk rock, on political and spiritual themes in music and on cross-cultural appeal. Hypernashion's recently-released In Dub album is out now on Artur's own Hyper Recordz label.

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