WR658: Ancient Raven Records

Episode 658 January 24, 2022 00:45:53
WR658: Ancient Raven Records
Witchpolice Radio
WR658: Ancient Raven Records

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Sam Thompson

Show Notes

Ancient Raven Records is a new Gimli-based label releasing cassettes and vinyl.

I had a conversation with the label’s founder, Jønas Scott — who released one of my favourite local albums last year as Van Allen — about past, present and future projects, including Smoky Tiger tapes, a vinyl reissue of a 1970s Interlake classic, and much more.

Van Allen tracks are sprinkled throughout the conversation!

Full disclosure: Ancient Raven is releasing a remastered cassette of my old band, The Mouth-Boat, which you should all pick up now!

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