WR097: Michael Elves

Episode 97 October 23, 2014 01:26:43
WR097: Michael Elves
Witchpolice Radio
WR097: Michael Elves

Oct 23 2014 | 01:26:43


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Sam Thompson

Show Notes

We’re in the middle of [**UMFM**](http://www.umfm.com/)’s annual Pledge-O-Rama week, so we talked to the station’s program director (and [host ](http://www.umfm.com/programming/programgrid/371/)of[multiple](https://www.umfm.com/programming/programgrid/117/) shows), **Michael Elves** , about the importance of community radio, writing about music, defining ‘dad-rock’, and the randomly-generated “khaki” theme. If you'd like to support local campus/community radio and [make a pledge to UMFM](http://www.umfm.com/events/pledge/), check out their website to learn more and find out about the fantastic incentives they're offering this year. Don't forget to namedrop our show! Thanks to everyone who has pledged so far!

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