REDUX: An update to episode #287

Episode 346 December 30, 2018 01:19:15
REDUX: An update to episode #287
Witchpolice Radio
REDUX: An update to episode #287

Dec 30 2018 | 01:19:15


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Sam Thompson

Show Notes

Here's a final episode for 2018: Back in the summer, I interviewed frequent guest/occasional co-host [Nestor Wynrush]( He had a very unique project happening at the time, but as Ness is wont to do, he considered what he had said during the interview (after the episode had been released), and decided he wanted to add some more information/clarifications/and a new song. I was supposed to release this updated version shortly afterwards, but that was right around the time the show shifted to two episodes a week, and it just got lost in the shuffle. here's the updated episode #287, with a new intro and Ness' new outro. Thanks to all of the Witchpolice listeners in 2018, as well as those who have been listening since the beginning, in 2012. I love you all. If you want one more fresh episode of the podcast for this year, there's a bonus episode available only to Patreon supporters. You can get that now by signing up at []( and supporting the show with whatever $ amount you want. If you give $1 a month, that evens out to about 12 cents an episode. Cheap! Of course, becoming a patron is completely voluntarily, and if you wanna listen to the show for free, that's totally fine! See you in 2019 with a fresh episode! (Also note that there will be no break between 2018 and 2019 episodes. Schedule stays the same.)

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