In memoriam: John B. Duff

Episode 457 February 03, 2020 00:58:12
In memoriam: John B. Duff
Witchpolice Radio
In memoriam: John B. Duff

Feb 03 2020 | 00:58:12


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Sam Thompson

Show Notes

(This episode was originally released in August 2015) I’ll be the first to admit I’m not very hip to the local comedy scene, but way back in 2015, [we did an episode]( about the then-new Oddblock Comedy Festival. One of the guests on that episode was comedian John B. Duff. You may have heard that John passed away from cancer recently, so I’m re-releasing this episode. I barely knew him, but he was a really funny guy, and – based on all the tributes I’ve been seeing on social media over the past few days – clearly a huge figure in the local community. Please note this is in the old format of the show, and the audio quality is godawful, but I think it’s important to re-release episodes when guests pass (which is happening entirely too often lately). I hope you enjoy this episode despite its (many) technical flaws. Fuck cancer. RIP Mr. Duff.

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