WR892: Yung Balboa / Loverboy Nel / Austentatious

Episode 892 April 25, 2024 00:33:54
WR892: Yung Balboa / Loverboy Nel / Austentatious
Witchpolice Radio
WR892: Yung Balboa / Loverboy Nel / Austentatious

Apr 25 2024 | 00:33:54


Hosted By

Sam Thompson

Show Notes

This one's a little different. It's part of a series of episodes I'm doing in collaboration with local rapper Ezoman's Creative Side Entertainment for this year's 'Future of M"you"sic' competition, which is a six-month long showcase of up-and-coming local artists at the Limelight.

Here's the second episode, which is similar to my old Quick Hits format (remember that?), and it features a clip of Ezoman giving some background on the event (note my quick robo-correction of the date in the intro), plus micro-interviews with a few of the artists participating in the second stage of the competition on April 25: Yung Balboa, Loverboy Nel, and Austentatious.

Check out the previous month's episode, feat. Isxxc JxmesLaurel ChanteJ KrishMiggz & Skye, and Ben Notes.

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