WR859: Favourite local albums of 2023 #9-6

Episode 859 January 03, 2024 01:13:37
WR859: Favourite local albums of 2023 #9-6
Witchpolice Radio
WR859: Favourite local albums of 2023 #9-6

Jan 03 2024 | 01:13:37


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Sam Thompson

Show Notes

If you didn't hear the previous two episodes, turn back now and check 'em out! This is part three (of four) in my rundown of my favourite local releases of 2023. Thanks.

As I do every year, I've made a list of my favourite local albums of 2023. Did I miss albums? Absolutely. Did I immediately question my judgement after I finished narrowing it down to 20? Yuppers. But for good or ill, there are 20 releases by local artists I want to highlight.

Continuing the tradition I began last year, I've recorded a series of episodes counting down the records on my list, including interview clips and songs.

This third installment covers albums I've unscientifically ranked from 9-6 (I know, random numbering happening here, sorry) which includes The Psychics Album by Paige DrobotDepartures by Apollo Suns, Park-Like Setting's This, That and the Third, and Sacrifice Zones by Greenhouse (last interviewed on the podcast back in 2019).

Stay tuned over the next few as we count down to #1!

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