WR784: The Watchmen

Episode 784 April 15, 2023 00:49:23
WR784: The Watchmen
Witchpolice Radio
WR784: The Watchmen

Apr 15 2023 | 00:49:23


Hosted By

Sam Thompson

Show Notes

One of Winnipeg's most successful musical exports to the world is celebrating a milestone.

On this episode, I talked to Sammy Kohn (drums) and Daniel Greaves (vocals) of The Watchmen about the super-deluxe reissue for the 25th anniversary of their landmark 'Silent Radar' LP.

We got into the background of the deluxe edition's 46(!) tracks, the staying power of the band's songs from that era, the CD's pioneering -- for 1998 -- enhanced/online features, and much more.

You can (and should, it's great) check out the comprehensive version of 'Silent Radar' now wherever you stream music.

Need more Watchmen? Sammy was on a very early episode of the podcast (WR077, way back in 2014), which you can hear right here!

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