WR555: Humous

Episode 555 January 14, 2021 00:51:01
WR555: Humous
Witchpolice Radio
WR555: Humous

Jan 14 2021 | 00:51:01


Hosted By

Sam Thompson

Show Notes

Here's an interview with all three members of local Filipino-Canadian lo-fi rockers [Humous](http://www.facebook.com/Humousmusic/)! It’s a fun conversation about their excellent new record, the origins of the trio’s current lineup, frontman Julius’ [Raw x Rare Podcast](http://www.facebook.com/rawnrare2020/), and much more. This episode brought to you by [Devine Shirt Company](http://devineshirtcompany.ca/)! Huge thanks to everyone who supports the podcast on [Patreon](http://www.patreon.com/witchpolice). You can help out for as little as $1 a month if you like the show and want to throw some change in the guitar case! As always, if you like the podcast, please tell a friend or 20! Rate and review on your podcast player of choice! Word of mouth is still the main way Witchpolice Radio reaches new ears. Thanks for listening!

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