WR484: Mouth Feel

Episode 484 May 11, 2020 00:34:44
WR484: Mouth Feel
Witchpolice Radio
WR484: Mouth Feel

May 11 2020 | 00:34:44


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Sam Thompson

Show Notes

...so as some of you may have heard, I lost an entire episode the other day. The file was corrupted and despite multiple efforts, I could only recover 0:20 of it. The original podcast was a great conversation with two members of local punks [Mouth Feel](http://mouthfeelwpg.bandcamp.com/)... and while I can’t present that to you anymore, here's a quick chat with bassist/vocalist Matt, in a zombie podcast episode that also includes a stream of the entire [new Mouth Feel record](http://https://mouthfeelwpg.bandcamp.com/album/mouthfeel). I guess that’s sort of a win. Anyway, thanks to the band for their patience, and a big fuck you to my memory card for destroying the original file. This episode is brought to you by our friends at [the Park Theatre](http://www.myparktheatre.com/). Buy a gift card to help keep them afloat during these difficult times! Huge thanks to everyone who supports the podcast on [Patreon](http://www.patreon.com/witchpolice). You can help out for as little as $1 a month if you like the show and want to throw some change in the guitar case!

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