WR358: Housepanther and Wrecker

Episode 358 February 13, 2019 00:54:24
WR358: Housepanther and Wrecker
Witchpolice Radio
WR358: Housepanther and Wrecker

Feb 13 2019 | 00:54:24


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Sam Thompson

Show Notes

Individually, Bailee Woods and Jory Strachan perform under the names [Housepanther](http://housepanther.bandcamp.com/album/club-soda-lows) and [Wrecker](http://www.facebook.com/wreckerofficial/). On their new collaborative EP, however, they form like Voltron and become... [HOMEWRECKER](http://www.transistor66.com/homewrecker). Coming out, fittingly, on Valentine's Day, the EP release is the kickoff to an eastern Canadian tour. These are two of my favourite guests on the podcast and they make beautiful music together! This episode brought to you by our friends at [Transistor 66 Records](http://www.transistor66.com/), as well as by Winnipeg's own Death Cassette, who are performing at the Handsome Daughter on Feb. 23. Thanks to everyone who has supported the podcast thus far. Thanks to supporters like you, we can keep churning out interviews twice a week! If you like the show, please head down to [patreon.com/witchpolice](http://patreon.com/witchpolice) and for as little as a $1 month (less than 12 cents an episode), you can help keep the lights on!

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