WR316: Podcasts for Artists (live panel)

Episode 316 September 09, 2018 01:03:05
WR316: Podcasts for Artists (live panel)
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WR316: Podcasts for Artists (live panel)

Sep 09 2018 | 01:03:05


Hosted By

Sam Thompson

Show Notes

On Sept. 7, I moderated a panel discussion for [Creative Manitoba](http://creativemanitoba.ca/) about podcasting for artists. The event, presented in conjunction with the Manitoba Podcast Festival (Sept. 30, Park Theatre) featured hosts and/or producers Stefan Richard (Ever Sick!, Digital Drum podcast), Stephanie Cram (CBC Radio's Unreserved), Kammer Kinnarath (Gay Lunch Podcast), and Adeline Bird (Soul Unexpected). We talked about the podcast biz for an hour to a packed house and fielded some great questions from the audience. This may seem a little too 'inside baseball' when you read the description, but one of the goals of this event (and the upcoming festival) was to demystify podcasting and help new people get interested in the field and starting their own shows.

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