WR285: Rob Crooks

Episode 285 May 23, 2018 00:47:53
WR285: Rob Crooks
Witchpolice Radio
WR285: Rob Crooks

May 23 2018 | 00:47:53


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Sam Thompson

Show Notes

Musician, songwriter, performance artist and original Witchpolice co-host (2012-14) [Rob Crooks](http://www.robcrooks.com/) is back on the show to talk about his fantastic new release, *The Nothing From Which Nothing Comes*, which drops on [Disintegration Records](http://www.disintegration.ca/rob-crooks) May 26. Rob is also the star of the upcoming Mike Maryniuk film, [*The Goose*](http://vimeo.com/249316437), which has taken him to European film festivals and beyond. As noted in the disclaimer at the top of the show, this was recorded outdoors and there are a few moments where the wind gets in the way of the conversation, but overall, the integrity of the interview isn't lost. It's a really good discussion. This episode brought to you by the [release party for 'Quiet Dreams'](http://www.facebook.com/events/207263916702467/) the new album by local indie rockers (and past Witchpolice guests) Hearing Trees. The event, presented by our friends at the Park Theatre, takes place May 25 at the Good Will Social Club, with guests The Perms, Micah Erenberg and Sophie Stevens. The episode is also brought to you by [Fourth Quarter Records](http://www.fourthquarterrecords.com/), your home for quality local hip-hop, as well as merchandise like the glorious 3Peat hoodies you've been seeing everywhere lately.

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